Here are some of my original songs! I write, perform, record and mix and master almost all of my songs myself! It's an exhausting process, but damn rewarding!

Pretending to Pray 

"Pretending to Pray" is my most recent release! This song was pretty quick to make, one of the quickest! I used a lydian scale-style piano chords over some loops; then tried to channel my inner Lana Del Rey for the lyrics.

Dead Meat

"Dead Meat" was my Halloween single for 2019! I love horror films and wanted to write a song for fun. The song is named after my favourite horror Youtube channel, and James A. Janisse  himself approves of this song, so check it out!


The music industry is a scary, toxic place. Based on my own experiences, I wanted to write a song from the perspective of the types of evil people who like to take advantage of the more vulnerable within the industry, also a neato ii-V-I in there!

1 in 10

"1 in 10" is a song I wrote about my battle with Endometriosis, a very nasty chronic pain disease that I advocate for. I collaborated with Grammy-Award winning engineer John Greenham, who did an UNREAL job mastering this song! 

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